Mals-About Tequila Sunrise (major pointed)


Ch. Dolce Gusto z Arislandu

August 9, 2023

Annie and Goose would like to invite you to join them in welcoming their babies.  Following their heritage, these puppies should fulfill all the dreams that have come through generations of Spinoni that conform to the breed standard while being able to perform in the field as they were bred to do.  Conformation showing, hunting, performance or just enjoying a hike in the woods with their family, these puppies are bred to do it all.  As always, these puppies carry full health guarantees for those diseases applicable to the breed.  To see the pedigree on these puppies, just click here.



Annie                                                                                    Goose

And here they are!  


Sorry the pictures are a bit dark.  I forgot to make sure the flash was on.

And now with their ribbons on...


Cowboys                                                                        Cowgirls           

A week old.  It never fails to surprise me how quickly they grow.


They definitely like to scatter.

Over the weekend, I had to be away for several hours each day so Annie had free access so she could go outside when necessary.  


I came home to find various things along with lots of toys.

Two weeks old and we're just really starting to see the roaning coming through.


The roaning is showing up here on the light blue ribbon girl, our first escapee.

Two and a half weeks old now and all eyes are open and puppies are on their feet.  Soon the fun begins!


And here they are, three weeks old.

Soon, poor Annie will be covered up in puppies!


Please come back often and join us in watching these Spinone babies grow and develop over the coming weeks.  I'll be updating and adding pictures often.


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