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CH. Goldfly Appolo

June 2, 2021

Gabby would like for you to join her in welcoming this very special litter made possible through the miracle of frozen semen.  Appolo was one of my first Spinone and was one of the first champions when the breed became AKC recognized and quickly became a Register of Merit sire.  Adding in the excellence of Gabby, these puppies should fulfill all the dreams that have come through generations of Spinoni that conform to the breed standard while being able to perform in the field as they were bred to do.  Conformation showing, hunting, performance or just enjoying a hike in the woods with their family, these puppies are bred to do it all.  As always, these puppies carry full health guarantees for those diseases applicable to the breed.


Gabby                                                                                                    Appolo

Without further ado, here they are!

Gabby and I were both worn out when we were done but everybody is doing well so far.

All cleaned up, ribbons and rick rack on.

Gabby checking to make sure nobody is missing after a quick trip outside.


Girls (Ribbons)                                     and...                                                   Boys (Rick Rack)

A week old and it's been a bit of a stressful week for me with so many babies to watch over.  I did some supplementing and worked to keep everybody warm.  Sadly, one little boy just didn't want to stay in spite of my efforts so our number is now lucky 13.  All the other puppies seem to be thriving which makes me smile as we pass that magic one week mark.  Gabby is an outstanding mother and I am blessed to have such a good one watching over this brood.


With full tummies, these guys are content to just lounge around.

And this good mama can divide the litter so she can feed first one half, then the other.

Two weeks old now and Gabby continues to be an excellent mother to this huge brood.  They may not be as big as puppies in a smaller litter would be but they are healthy and active.  I'm pleased with what I am seeing in these puppies.  Eyes will be opening in the next couple of days and they are getting stronger on their feet.  The days of having all puppies in one picture are limited.


Trying to find a spot to lay down can be a challenge when these little guys are on the hunt!


Sometimes a girl just has to lay down and trust that the little beasties will get out of the way.  Gabby is very careful, though, not to smash any babies.  And then I'll check on them and find them all lined up like little soldiers.

And to leave you with a smile for this week.



Please come back often and join us in watching these Spinone babies grow and develop over the coming weeks.  I'll be updating and adding pictures often.


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