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July 13, 2016

Rebecca and Augie Dog would like to introduce their newest Spinone Italiano puppies and invite you to join us as we watch these babies grow.  These puppies are going to be able to do whatever you want whether you want to do showing or performance events, have a hunting buddy, or a pal to just hang out with.  To see the pedigree on these puppies, just click here.


Rebecca                                                                             Augie Dog

Thank goodness we didn't have the drama surrounding this litter!  The babies were all born in their proper whelping box instead of the motor home with Rebecca, once again, doing it all just like she'd read the book on birthing babies.

All cleaned up and ready to meet their fans.


The girls.....                              and.....                        the boys          

Full tummies and they've scattered out for a nap.

The time is flying by!  The babies are now a week old and getting bigger by the minute.  As each day goes by, they are getting more active.  Soon they'll be up running around the den.


We call this a puppy sprawl.                                                   And, now, back to the snack bar.

Two weeks old!  We've seen lots of changes this week as the puppies have gotten more active.  Nearly all have at least doubled their birth weight and their eyes are open.  They are practicing getting up on their feet and taking a couple of steps before falling over again.

A mother's work is never done.  Rebecca spends a lot of her time giving baths.


Nice, quiet babies until mom shows up and then everybody gets stirred up.


We've had an escape!  Time for the next door insert.                     All back in and crashed.  They wear out quickly at this age.

Three weeks old already!  It's been a busy week for the babies.  They spend more time out of the box than in it.  I see it coming out just shortly.  They had their first solid food and what an adventure!


What a mess!  In spite of the mess, the babies did enjoy eating and are getting better every day.

All cleaned up and back in for a quick snack and a nap.  Thank you, Rebecca, for cleaning them up!


Playing with new toys is hard work and requires a nap...                or not.

Four weeks old now.  It's been a busy week for the babies as they've learned more about running around and investigating.  They got their big girl and boy collars.  They had pretty much abandoned their whelping box so I was going to take it out.  Much to my chagrin, they promptly reclaimed what was left so we've got part of the whelping box still up for a few more days.


Only 3 still using the box occasionally.                                   Then, with 2 sides down, they all decided it was the place to be!


Little miss lt. blue checking out reading material then going to stalk somebody.  Sadly, the rest of the pictures were too fuzzy to use.


Wonder what that is.                                                          Stop!  You're killing me with the tickles!

As promised, they are learning to eat better.  Now it's like sharks in a feeding frenzy.


Almost non stop wrestling matches going on around here.


Even with Rebecca trying to catch a minute's peace, there is climbing and tugging and general busy-ness.

Five weeks old and the babies are running, barking and playing...  and growing!  Goodness, are they growing!


Rebecca spends most of her time away from the puppies now.  As you can see, they just mob her when she's with them.  Even when the milk bar is empty, there is no peace for her.


And without Rebecca, the kids run wild whenever they get the chance.  My goodness, they can be busy!

And while her brothers and sisters are checking the calendar, ordering supplies or looking up phone numbers, one enterprising young lady has turned  on the Roomba and finally got it cornered in the puppy pen.  BTW, you do NOT want to let the Roomba run through puppy poo!

Five and a half weeks and a beautiful Sunday afternoon, so outside we went for the first time.  The puppies had a grand time exploring the breezeway and patio.

It's a new world!


We never know if puppies will huddle in a pile or investigate on their first trip outside.  These investigated!


Surveying their new kingdom


That's a BIG step for a little guy!                                                   And the race is on!            

            Some still played on the breezeway.....

While others nearly ventured to the grass.  

Six and a half weeks old and it's been a busy week.  The puppies continue to run in and out the dog door.  In fact, that's very nearly their favorite game.  They took their first ride in the car which went very well.  They didn't even scream which is always a good thing.  The car ride was to go to the vets for their wellness check.  They were quite a hit with the clinic staff!

All packed up and ready to head to the vet clinic.

  Pee pads make nice pillows and toys!


Blue collar boy looks good.                                        And so does Lt. Blue collar girl


Yellow collar girl is standing pretty.                                            Pink collar girl would rather kiss Dr. Ross than stand still!

We didn't take time to get everybody's pictures since we were really there for checkups.  Everybody was pronounced healthy and very cute!

Back home and the kids were running wild!  They had to make up for being shut up in that tiny little room and being poked and prodded.


We like grass!!!                                                  Red collar boy stalking somebody.

  Tan collar boy (L) and Red collar boy (R) on the hunt.


We like playing with toys in tandem!

Or as a team!          

   And then they all fall down!


Nobody stays down for long, though!


Please come back often and watch these Spinone babies grow and develop over the coming weeks.  I'll be updating and adding pictures as often as I can.


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