Christmas came early to our house!

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Ch. Bramble Del Subasio

would like to introduce their little bundles of Christmas cheer that were born on December 19th, 2004.  This page will be progressive so you can join us as we watch these Spinone Italiano babies grow.  Here's the Pedigree for this "Winter" litter.



                 Bramble                                                                  Kermit


Just born and all cleaned up!                               And...posing for a Christmas photo!


At 6 days the babies have grown a lot!                   And even more by 9 days!            


At 10 days, the girls                                                    and the boys 


Two weeks old and they've more than doubled their birth weight.   Nearly all have their eyes completely open and are even starting to practice barking.  They are getting more mobile by the day so the days of getting even most of them in one photo are numbered!    


  is good!                                   3 weeks and time for some porridge!

As you can see, the babies have grown by leaps and bounds this week.  Several are over four pounds already and they're moving around much more.  That signals time to start introducing their baby cereal.  They are also "practicing" their yips and barks much more so they'll be able to communicate with each other and "talk" to us, their humans.  


Four weeks old and the bed is starting to get crowded.  Then...while some finish up their dinner, others play.   The babies are definitely mobile now and starting to investigate.


Mom is taking a break away from the babies and they get a chance to play with all the toys.   Bramble is a toy hog and will steal all the toys if she gets a chance!  Soon, the babies will be dragging the toys all over the place!


As predicted, it will now become a rarity to have all the babies in a single picture.  At 5 weeks, they are "out and about", investigating as they go.


Hey guys!  Look at the neat bag I found!      Balls are great things but how do you pick it up?

Critical error on Bramble's part!  Silly girl, to think she can slip in and snitch a 5-1/2 week old puppy's toys and not get mugged!

Six weeks old and time for puppy wellness check-ups.  And what a time they had!  They visited with the folks at the clinic, caused the trash can to be removed from the room, and had the vet's stool moved all over the place.


Hey, Doc, that thing's COLD!!                         Yep!  It's a boy!                   


Teeth look good and eyes too.                  We'll show him!  We'll eat his feet!

And back home again...


Hey, Mom!  Guess where we went!!                Settling in for a well-deserved nap.     

Finally got some nice weather in Kentucky, so the kids got to make their first trip outside.  These seven week olds seem to think the world is theirs for the taking!


I don't know guys..that step looks BIG!        Hey, Appolo, got any advice for us?


Meeting the big dogs...                                 A rumble on the patio


I think I found a BIRD!                                     What's a bird?   

There's nothing like a construction site and mud to make an 8 week old Spinone puppy happy and these guys are no exception.  Here they're exploring where the new kennel will be built.


       Look, we can run without wading!                   Goin' round the mountain, here we go!


Hey, that must be a lake we just went through!  We like MUD better!

I think I'll just get a drink and wash my feet at the same time!

Nine weeks and FINALLY able to play in the yard without equipment and building supplies all over.  Crissy takes them for a walk to check out the progress.


Come on, kids, let's see what's out here!       And this is where the new runs will be..


   Serena does a bit more investigating!        What is it about plastic that attracts puppies?


There's only so much to building.  The teeter calls...  and the pool.

A lovely Sunday afternoon and grandson CJ playing in the backyard with the puppies.  It's very muddy but they didn't seem to mind because they just enjoyed having another youngster to romp with.


No!  It's MY stick!  I had it first!       OK, chase me and maybe you can take it away!


And 'round and 'round they go!                       Granny!  My shoes are muddy!


Be sure to check back often to see how the Spinone babies are growing.

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