Ch. Mals Abouts Chance


Primo Delle Acque Alte  (major pointed)

May 10, 2004

Chance and Primo announce the birth of their Spinone Italiano babies and invite you to join us as we watch them grow.  Here's their pedigree.


              Chance                                                                 Primo

The newly arrived babies and Chance.

As you can see, Chance will have her paws full taking care of this bunch of kids.


             Boys at 2 days and...                                       the girls


At one week the babies have already grown a lot.  Chance is a really good mom, making sure all the babies are clean and well fed.


They are growing like little weeds!  At two weeks now, their eyes are open and they are moving around more and a couple are starting to make little barks.  It won't be long til they are out of the box and running all over the floor!


   Poor Chance!  She's cornered!                                  Hmmm...where did she go???

Just short of three weeks and you can see that the babies are ready to go!  Another week and they'll be into everything!


         Practicing the agility plank                         Hey!  How'd you get out there??

Storms and power outages didn't stop the crew from growing.  At 3-1/2 weeks, they are in and out of the box, eating like little pigs and, in general, keeping Chance on her toes.


Oh, my, what a difference a week makes!  They are practicing little barks and have little happy wagging tails to make me smile.  We have to watch to make sure Mom doesn't have all the toys taken outside and buried.


A wrestling match in the midst of trying to figure out how to carry toys with no teeth.  There are already a couple that think newspaper is to try to carry around.  I see trips to the great outdoors in the very near future.


          Three of the girls playing....                     Tummies full so back to bed for a nap!

And their first trip out at 4-1/2 weeks...


           Poor Chance!  Almost cornered!!                           And then they got her down!


             Let me see your tonsils!!                         Cute little "pink" girl and "blue" girl. 

Five weeks today...


     This breezeway is a nice place to play!          And the patio's not bad, either!

Six weeks old and busier by the minute!


     Hey Mom, pretty tasty ears you have!              You think it could be a mole?


    Where ya goin', Tezz?  Can we go too?              Uh, uh, nobody goes in or out now!

What do you think of us?  We're ready for a ride!

Picture day!  Here we are at 7 weeks struttin' our stuff!  When we refer to a color, it is the color ribbon the puppies are wearing so we can tell them apart.

The boys...


                     Tan                                                Purple


                     Red                                                Black  

And the girls... 


              Yellow                                  Berry                                   Green


              Pink                                      Lt. Blue                                 Navy

It's been a very long day for the babies...


      Come on kids, it's getting dark and...                        it's time to go night, night.

Mid-week and the puppies are soooo  excited because I got out a quail for them to play with!


           WOW!!  That's a BIRD!!!                        OK, I've got the head, you get the feet!

It's MY bird, you have to go find your own!

  Poor Ian, trying to choose...


Oh, dear, this boy takes after his Mom!   There goes a pair of my jeans!   

Eight weeks and a rainy night so the babies take advantage of the kitchen for the play area.  It didn't take too long, though, and they were all zonked out on the floor.


A short while later...

  Hey, Mom!  Where's the water???    

The next day, the sun came back out and the "tunnel rats" were at it again!


There aren't as many now since the kids are starting to go to their new homes...


Be sure to come back soon as we watch these Spinone babies grow.

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