Ch. Mals-About's Dawns Early Light C.G.C.


Goldfly Scaramuccia

present their babies born March 21, 2002

Come join us as we watch these youngsters grow!


Dawn and her newborn babies                                                Mickey                


Dawn resting with her 4 day old babies         And here they are at one week


At two weeks we've got the eyes open and moving around.


I'm sorry we had a short delay in getting new pictures up.  As you can see, we had a new addition to the family.  Meet Cole, my newest grandson and the reason my camera wasn't at home for a few days.  The puppies are continuing to grow by leaps and bounds and really giving their mother some bad hair days!


Getting into the food thing                     And food pans make good nap places, too!


At 5 weeks, we're getting pretty busy and exploring further afield.  Hey, look, there's some more just like us!  The two litters meet for the first time.  No chance of a mix-up though, Dawn's puppies are wearing bias tape ribbons and the others are wearing rick rack.


Give us toys and what do we play in?  A box!                Or...the great outdoors!           


Oh, look, a dinner party!                       And cousins Lily and Tezz are visiting!


Be sure to come back next week for an update!


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