Frensis America


Ch. Goldfly Appolo C.G.C.

proud parents on July 24, 2001



For those of you who haven't gotten to meet Erica and Appolo, here are some snaps of them.  Erica is on the left and Appolo is on the right.  In addition, you can find pictures of Appolo in several other places on our website.


The first day, Mom's tired!         Just a few days later.       


Erica definitely believes in home decorating.  She gathers the mats from all the other dogs' crates, any food pans or shoes laying around as well as toys, and puts them in the whelping box.  In these pictures, I had removed everything but the extra mats.  The puppies looked so peaceful and content that I didn't have the heart to disturb them.  By the way, the babies are a week old in these pictures.


   2 weeks and growing!                       A favorite "Mom" pose.  


What a difference a day makes!  Especially at this age when they seem to change from one minute to the next.  At 2-1/2 weeks, they're discovering that the legs are starting to work.


Ooh, what IS this stuff?      Pretty tasty, if you ask me!   Here, let me get that off your nose!

These are pictures of the babies at 3-1/2 weeks, just learning about food.  They also took their first weekend trip, all the way to Indianapolis, but I forgot the camera so you'll just have to take my word for the fact that they had a grand time running around. 


Hi Chip!  Watcha doin'?                Ah, a "killer" clown!            What?  Santa in August?

Investigation has become the pastime of choice.  At 4-1/2 weeks they want to see everything and the back porch has lots of things to check out.


At 5 weeks we're investigating more and more.  The big dogs stay out of our way 'cause we LIKE ears!


The first time our vets have seen us since we were three days old and were they pleased?  You bet!  We all got a perfect bill of health and even got some lessons in stacking.


And back home again and having a wrestling match with Mom!

And, now at 6-1/2 weeks our preliminary evaluation.  We finally have to stand still for more than 2 nano-seconds.  We are identified by the color ribbon we are wearing.


    Purple - Boy            Black - Boy             Green - Girl           Lavender - Girl


   Lt. Blue - Girl           Teal - Girl               Yellow - Girl

There's nothing like puppies playing to get your mind off your troubles.  At 8 weeks, the kids are getting to the age where anything goes.


     Exploring a flower pot or....                   tearing up the daylilies, again.


Or maybe even tree trimming            Whew!  She didn't catch us!       


            Ha!  I win!                                    Look out!  Here I come!


                       Just a rough and tumble time!            


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