The Kindergarten Klass

Welcome to the Kindergarten Klass.  Devoted to our Spinone Italiano girls and their puppies, come join me as I watch our puppies grow.  As I always am, you will be amazed at how quickly Spinone puppies go from tiny helpless infants into very busy youngsters.  To view a particular "Klass", just click on the litter below.  Just to keep you on your toes, there are a couple of "Odd Jobs" on here too.


Dawn and Kermit, April 2001

Erica and Appolo, July 2001

Withers Reunion, June 2001

Betsy and Mickey, November 2001

Dawn and Mickey, March 2002

Erica and Nick, March 2002

Chance and Nick, February 2003

Bramble and Kermit, April 2003

Lily and Kermit, September 2003

Bramble and Appolo, December 2003

Chance and Primo, May 2004

Bramble and Kermit, December 2004

Mutzi and Pelu', January 2005

Lily and Eli, May 2005

Bramble and Brian, December 2005

Josie and Nick, January 2006

Bunny (visiting) and Brian, May 2006

Scully and Pelu', September 2006

Lily and Napa, October 2006

Scully and Pelu', April 2007

Suzi and Brian, June 2007

Lily and Nick, March 2008

Scully and Nick, April 2008

Bunny (visiting) and Rain, September 2008

Missi and Earl, January 2009

Scully and Brian, August 2009

Daisy and Michael, April 2010

Darcy and Rain, April 2010

Missi and Michael, September 2010

Missi and Michael, May 2011

Suzi and Michael, July 2011

Edie and Rain, September 2011

Daisy and Michael, May 2012

Missi and Nunzio, November 2012

Ziva and Rain, May 2013

Edie and Michael, November 2013

Girlie Girl and Augie Dog, April 2014

Ziva and Sherman, May 2014

Edie and Michael, May 2014

Girlie Girl and tbd, April 2015

Rebecca and Augie Dog, November 2015

Rebecca and Augie Dog, July 2016

Whiskey and Charlie, August 2017

Gabby and Charlie, August 2017

Rebecca and Charlie, July 2018

Gabby and Goose, June 2019

Annie and Goose, May 2020

Annie and Goose, January 2021

Gabby and Appolo, June 2021

Annie and Goose, January 2022

Annie and Goose, August 2023


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