I would like to take this opportunity to share photos of some of our dogs that have been making their mark in the show ring. We'll be updating with new pictures, so be sure to check back often.

AKC and ARBA Ch. Mals-About Little Drummer Boy

Chip earned the distinctive honor of becoming the first Spinone to earn an AKC championship in addition to earning the Pedigree Award for being the top winning Spinone in 2000. Handled by his breeder and owner, Chip was awarded AKC's Breeder/Owner Medallion.

AKC Ch. and ARBA Grand Ch. Goldfly Appolo CGC

Appolo is pictured here showing that even though he was retired from the ARBA show ring a couple of years ago, he still has what it takes to bring home the ribbons. Now he'll let his kids carry on while he relaxes and does what he likes - hunting, greeting visitors and doing PR work, and just hanging out with Mom.

AKC and ARBA Ch. Mals-About's Stocking Stuffer CGC

Fudge and co-owner Erik Miller made Spinone history in their own way in 2000. Not only was Fudge one of the first Spinone AKC Champions, she and Erik represented the first Spinone/Jr. Handler team. Fudge and Erik have won two Best Junior Handler awards. Under Erik's expert guidance, Fudge won an Award of Merit at Westminster this year.

AKC and ARBA Ch. Mals-About's Let Freedom Ring CGC

Boogie marched his way to his championship also from the Bred By Exhibitor class and was awarded AKC's Breeder/Owner Medallion. Now we'll do some serious obedience work and let him play in the hunting field. Be sure to watch for his youngsters as they head for their championships.

AKC and ARBA Ch. Dazen's Gift To Mals-About CD,CGC

Kermit, at 9, is the oldest of the dogs we're currently showing. After finishing his AKC championship, Kermit went back to the obedience ring to earn the last two legs towards his Companion Dog title. The last two legs were earned back to back and over 8 years since he had been in the obedience ring to earn his first leg! Not bad for an old man who hasn't even been keeping up with his training. Now he'll sit back and watch his kids finish their championships and work on their obedience and hunting.

AKC and ARBA Grand Ch. Mals-About's Dawns Early Light CGC

Dawn, a littermate to Boogie, is a happy-go-lucky girl with only a couple of points needed to complete her AKC championship. She'll be back in the ring after taking off to have a Spring 2001 litter of future champions. You can visit Dawn's babies in the Kindergarten Klass. And now that she's finished her championship, we'll work on getting her Junior Hunter title.

ARBA Ch. Mals-About's Bel Monte Fiori CD, CGC

Cuddles has had a long and illustrious show career. In her earlier years she was twice awarded Best of Breed under Italian breeder judges at SCOA annual meetings and earned her obedience Companion Dog title with ease. Pictured here winning a 4 point major, Cuddles will not get the opportunity to complete her AKC championship. For health reasons, she has been spayed and will now get to just hang out around home.

AKC Ch. Mals-About Moonbeam

One of our youngsters, Moon easily completed her AKC championship requirements. Now it will be on to other endeavors such as obedience, hunting, and agility. With her attitude and athletic ability, the sky's the limit for her.

AKC and ARBA Ch. Mals-About's Christkind CGC

One of my personal favorites, MyGal greets life with the same exhuberance that her mother, Crissy, does. Now that she has completed her AKC championship, MyGal will continue her obedience and agility training.

AKC and ARBA Ch. La Consigliera At Mals-About

Connie is pictured here finishing her AKC Championship at 8-1/2 years of age. She has enjoyed a long and illustrious show career. As a much younger girl and showing in the American Rare Breed Association, Connie became the first Spinone in this country to win a Best In Show and that on the prestigious Cherry Blossom Circuit. Now she'll be spayed and kick back and enjoy the good life!

AKC Ch. Mals-About Snickers

A lovely young daughter of Appolo, Snickers has that same regal look about her. Snickers was another recipient of AKC's Breeder/Owner Medallion by finishing her championship from the Bred By Exhibitor class. Combining a beautiful feminine dignity with the Spinone look as well as a "look at me" attitude, this young lady will have a successful specials career ahead of her. While we wait for her to mature she will be shown sparingly. In the meantime, we'll do some field work.

AKC Ch. Mals-About In The Nick O' Time

Truly a Spinone clown, Nick has to make you smile. Here's the whole litter rolled into one very happy go lucky young man. At only 18 months of age, we'll have to wait a couple of years before he's ready for the specials ring but I think he's worth the wait. In the meantime, he can bounce around and do his "thing", whatever that may be.

ARBA Ch. Mals-About's Miss Liberty

Like her namesake, Betsy fully believes in having her independence. Our resident escape artist, Betsy continually hones her skills and thrives on teaching others her techniques. Thankfully, the other dogs here at Mals-About aren't quite so creative or I suppose they would all join her as house dogs. Betsy is working toward her AKC championship along with her sister Dawn.

I hope you've enjoyed our "Brag Book". Come back soon so you don't miss anything.

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