The Younger Generation

As the years have passed, we've added youngsters and kept promising youngsters from litters along the way and now it's time that we share them with you.

The "It Kids", as we referred to Chance (now Ch. Mals Abouts Chance) and Pelu' (now Ch. Mals About Pelu'), arrived from Italy in August, 2000, and hit the ground running and haven't slowed down much since then. 


The first few weeks Chance and Pelu spent getting to know the lay of the land as fast as they could go!  As time went on, they turned their attention to stopping to look at the world around them.

In November, 2000, I made a trip to Italy to bring home their mother, Erica, and to visit Ezio Pagliarinni who so kindly sent two beautiful girls home with me.  The "Wee Beasties" traveled across Italy and back home in my Sherpa bag, making friends all along the way.


       Frensis America (Erica) and me          The baby "Wee Beasties" on the train

The "Wee Beasties", as we referred to Bramble (now Ch. Bramble Del Subasio) and Barbie (now Ch. Barbara Del Subasio), became the darlings of the household.


      Barbie standing              and                      Bramble standing at about 3 months

By spring, the pups had nearly become the beautiful adults we had foreseen.


Chance and Pelu watching butterflies.        And soon joined by Nick and Fudge

On the road to their championships...


                Bramble del Subasio                                      Mals About Pelu'


Barbara del Subasio who moved to Chicago                   Mals Abouts Chance


And, now, as adults...


               Ch. Mals About Pelu'                              Ch. Mals Abouts Chance


Ch. Mals-About In The Nick O' Time (ungroomed)             Ch. Bramble Del Subasio

And along came Lily...


       At 6 months pointing her first bird                     Ch. Mals-About Ginger RA JH

Tezz came home when her other "Mom", co-owner Ruth Adams, passed away in August, 2002.  And who could forget Josie, the wild child, who, along with grandsons CJ and Cole, keeps life interesting.


         Ch. Mals-About Tozzetti (Tezz)                Ch. Mals-About Moonlight Sonata (Josie)

Just for fun, here are a couple of cute moments with CJ and Josie!


              Oops!                                                        Can't lock me in!

Martini and Rossi join the mix!  


           Mals-About Martini                                   Mals-About Rossi

First pictured at 3 months, they have grown considerably in the last few months.  Shown here at almost 7 months having a grand time on a muddy January day.


Martini overseeing a wrestling Josie and Lily             Rossi with Lily


Don't forget to come back to join us as we watch these youngsters go on to make their marks in the Spinone world.


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