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November 7, 2015

Rebecca and Augie Dog would like to introduce their beautiful Spinone Italiano puppies and invite you to join us as we watch these babies grow.  These puppies are going to be able to do whatever you want whether you want to do showing or performance events, have a hunting buddy, or a pal to just hang out with.  To see the pedigree on these puppies, just click here.


Rebecca                                                                             Augie Dog

Life doesn't always go as planned so I decided to take Rebecca on our last show circuit of the year, knowing that we were cutting it close on her due date.  Since I couldn't fit a whelping box in the motor home, I opted for a huge crate and packed lots of extra towels and the other stuff I keep handy for whelping.  It's a good thing that I was prepared because on Saturday night, Rebecca decided the time had come.  What a star!  She never missed a beat, even when a friend came over to keep me company and help with the other dogs.


Let me tell you, it's not easy crawling in and out of a large dog crate but Rebecca didn't mind a bit that the quarters were a bit close.  She just took it all in stride.

Back home and in their proper whelping box...

And here are pictures of the babies with their ribbons on.


Girls                                                     and                                           Boys

It's hard to believe that the babies are already a week old!  Rebecca is such a good mother and the puppies are growing like the proverbial weeds.

Through the week, some cute shots....


And now, at two weeks old, eyes are open and they are starting to move around more.  Soon, they'll be running around.  But for the moment they are still content to eat and sleep.


It was a growing week!  By three weeks, these little guys are motoring around very well and spending more time climbing out of the whelping box than in it.


Oh, yeah...  Did I mention they are starting to play?


With Jimmie looking on and uttering words of encouragement, the babies started their journey to solid food.


What a mess they made!  One of my favorite times in the puppies' development is watching them learn about eating from a bowl.  There's nothing neat and tidy about it and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm just thankful they have a mother to clean up the mess!

Catching a snack...

This week has brought a lot of changes in the babies.  We finished taking out the whelping box so there was more room to play.


As promised, the eating manners improved and an impromptu wrestling match after dinner.

Just a pile of puppies!

Four weeks old and the puppies are moving around a lot more, investigating every chance they get.  And new ribbons to celebrate their fourth week.


Almost all in one picture!  Somebody was hanging on my pants leg while I was photographing!

As the week goes on, poor Rebecca seems to be getting the worst of it...


She's a good girl, though, and puts up with the mauling she's getting.

And then there is the quiet before the next storm....

Five weeks old and oh my goodness!  Those quiet little babies have taken over the house.  



Whether wrestling or running like wild Indians, these little guys are living it up.


And so it goes....

Six weeks old and life is very busy with Christmas in the air and babies running wild.  The puppies had to vacate the den and move to the back porch with the other dogs so they could get used to new surroundings and other animals.  And, of course, we had the trip to the vet for wellness checks.

All packed up and ready to go see Dr. Ross


Wouldn't you know we got the tiny room so very difficult to get pictures.


Dr. Ross was very pleased with all the puppies and was happy to announce that everyone was very healthy.

We did get one day where it was not raining and unseasonably warm so outside we went...


There's way to much mud in the back yard so out to the driveway and side yard to explore.


And explore they did!


Sadly, the rain came back the next day...

Seven weeks old and trying to get more than two in a photo is impossible.  They come out of their pen and scatter to all corners of the house.


Yep, it turned over!                             Hi, Charlie and Gabby!                           Hi Mom!  We're here!         


Please come back often and watch these Spinone babies grow and develop over the coming weeks.  I'll be updating and adding pictures often.


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