Ch. Bramble del Subasio


Ch. Mals-About Ten Most Wanted

Bramble and Brian are proud to announce the arrival of their Spinone Italiano babies born on 12/21/2005 and invite you to join us as we watch the babies grow.  Here's the pedigree of this lovely group.


Bramble                                                Brian 

And here they are!


        Newborn babies                                   Just 3 days and already growing!


It's hard to believe how much they've grown in a week!


And at almost 2 weeks, they've all doubled or tripled their birth weight!

And at 2-1/2 weeks...


Hey, what's this all about?  Looks like Brian is babysitting for Bramble!

OK, they're all back in their box and Bramble's back on duty!


The babies' eyes are open now and they are practicing sitting up and trying to walk.

Three weeks old and sporting new ribbons because they've outgrown the others.


OK, kids, you be good while I'm gone on my trip and mind your Mom..      


Hey, Dad, welcome home!  Mom said you did really good at the Eukanuba Invitational and won Best Bred By Exhibitor in Breed.  How cool is that!  And just look at how much we grew while you were gone!

At almost 4 weeks the kids are beginning to get pretty busy.  The days of getting all of them in one picture are definitely numbered.


Lunch time....                                           and a bit of a wrestling match

Four and a half weeks and these kids are still only when they're asleep.

Poor Bramble hasn't got a chance now.

Playtime antics ...



The little kids are five weeks old, playing with Dad...again...because Mom keeps hiding from them (smart girl!).


         And then they got him down!


It's fun to romp and play when you're almost 6 weeks old.

And then, on a pretty winter day when you're 6 weeks old, everybody gets to try the outdoors.


Wow, Dad, look at all the things to find!          And, look...they've found Jessica!  


And the SMELLS!!!                                         And the Baby Teeter!!    

Seven weeks old and they're rarely still.  We've had to put up the tall xpen because they were climbing out and having all sorts of fun through the house and yard.


    You sort of ease up to the doggie door when Mom's not looking, sneak out, and then you can FLY!


Hey, Dad, where you going?  Can we come too?  Look closely, kids, there may be a bird.


Well, we'll just play with the "blue dog"!  Or practice dance steps...


Think I'll just go in now...                     Back in and ready for a nap...almost.

Eight weeks and they're starting to go to their new homes...


Cool!  Since some of the others have left, Mom swapped places so the BAD kids could have more space.  Just lets us be closer to the phone books!

Now pay real close attention while she tells you about FOOD!  But...remember that all little Spinone should be able eat from the table.


Be sure to come back often to watch the Spinone babies grow!

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