Ch. Mals-About Double Dutch


Ch. Mals-About In The Nick O' Time or Ch. Mals-About Little Drummer Boy

Born on April 20, 2015

Girlie and I would like to invite you to join us in watching these special babies grow.  This is truly a blast from the past as both Chip and Nick have been gone for many years now.  Using frozen semen has allowed us to pull back those wonderful genes from the past and AKC DNA testing will tell us which puppies belong to which sire.  I've waited years for just the right girl to combine with each of these boys in hopes of getting more super dogs. 


  Nick                                                                                Girlie                                                                   Chip

And here they are!

   All arrived safe and sound.  Whew!

And now sporting their ribbons so I can tell them apart. 

And the breakdown...


The girls....                                        and...                                       the boys.

At a week old, the babies have nearly all doubled their birth weights.  Girlie is an excellent mother, feeding them well and keeping them clean and tidy.

   Something caught her attention!

Lucky me, she went to check it out!   


Two weeks old and these little guys are already busy.  I predict that they will definitely keep me on my toes in a couple more weeks.  Their eyes are open and they are practicing walking around.  And, yes, we've had a couple of escapes from the whelping box already.  Time for the door.


Girlie taking it easy while the babies are at the snack bar.  A little while later I found their bed in total disarray but the little guys didn't care a bit.


I've tried to catch them so you can see everybody but....


they are moving... moving... moving.

Three weeks old already!!  Time is flying by!  The puppies are well up on their feet now and getting busier by the hour.  Several have figured out how to climb over the door and get out.  Soon it will be time to take out the door and put a step outside the box so they can get back in.  They have started eating "real" food, too!


Playing it cool while I'm watching but, yeah, those two will be out just shortly.

Chow time!  So far they are being very tidy eaters.  Hope that continues!



Four weeks old and life is fun.  The babies know the sounds for chow time and respond with enthusiasm.  Though they still use the paper on the floor, most of the time they are making use of the "potty pan".  Smart puppies!  It won't be long before we venture outside.

OK, time to take out the whelping box.  Girlie just won't leave the bed flat and the babies are running in and out anyway.  May as well give them more floor room to play on.


Girlie is spending less and less time with the babies.  I can't really blame her since they are like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

What good puppies these are!  No swimming in the food pan for this bunch.  I love it!


Toys are good things!


Winding down now.  Soon they were all zonked out.

Five weeks old and the party continues.  What a fun bunch of puppies this group has been!


The puppies have fun playing in the den but it's time to stretch their legs a bit.

So it's outside to broaden their horizon.  Edie, acting nursemaid, is showing the kids all about outside.



Sometimes puppies are worried their first time out.  Not this group!  They are having the time of their lives.


All the smells.....                                                                   Can we eat it?                

        So many things to see and smell...

And taste....    

Come on kids.  Let's head back in.  


Please come back often and watch these Spinone babies grow and develop over the coming weeks.  I'll be updating and adding pictures often.


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