In this section, I have compiled a group of short stories and poems for your enjoyment.  Though they are not all Spinone related, I think you will find them all well worth reading.  As time goes on and time permits, I will add others, so be sure to come back often.  

Lo Spinone was written about 1995 by Paolo Amadori of Epithelium kennel in Italy.  An insightful look at the Spinone that may help you understand it a bit better.  

Only A Spinone is a poem about a naughty Spinone pup.  This poem is sure to give you a giggle while taking a look at just how mischievous a Spinone can be.  

How To Photograph Your Puppy is a lighthearted attempt to show just how futile it is to try to take puppy pictures by yourself.  

Do You Have One? is sure to bring tears to your eyes.  A poem about an old retired dog I'm sure you can relate to.  

When I am Old... gives you some insight into how those of us that have grown old with our dogs feel about them.

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